Hi, I'm Ray Noppé.
As an Executive Coach, I help CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Founders break through boundaries and perceived limitations in order to achieve new levels of success.

What qualifies me as an Executive Coach and Business Coach is an extensive track record as a Founder, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer with a pedigree in developing cutting-edge technical solutions grounded within years of business success.

Being an entrepreneur and executive board member myself I have to practice what I preach. This means I have to constantly push past my own limitations and fine tune my beliefs, goals, and aspirations.

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Want to learn how to set up a fashion business that succeeds?

Executive coaching helps with:

Removing Limitations

I help you visualise solutions, concepts, and patterns where most people see problems. Keeping you positive and on track is a sure fire way to help you push past your limitations.

Achieving goals

A goal is just a wish until you have planned it properly and aligned it to your life's ambition. I help you answer the what, why, who and how that helps you achieve your goals.

Positive Thinking

Being positive lies at the heart of your success and needs constant nurturing. As an executive coach, it is my job to help you stay positive and teach you techniques to deal with negative thinking when it creeps up.

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