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Hi, I'm Ray Noppé

I’m a thought leader in developing cutting-edge technology solutions to help solve problems that hinder business growth. My main focus is around living data, a phrase I coined to describe how consumers and businesses should interact with data as well as how data should interact with them.

I’m also an active and passionate entrepreneur who advises businesses on choosing the right technical team, software and data flow strategy and regularly speak at start-up events. I’ve acted as a business advisor and stand-in CTO for a variety of technology and fashion businesses.

I’ve spent a decade working with some of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of high street brands including New Look, Topshop, ASDA, Primark, River Island, ASOS, Leatherock, and boutique brands like Misfit and Relish. I’ve helped grow Europride Ltd production from 40,000 to more than 400,000 garments a week.

What is my key strengths?


I help you see solutions, concepts and patterns where most people see problems. Having built several business processes and systems I have learnt how to look at business management from a different aspect.

Growth Hacking

I know how to combine technology, social and marketing to give your business a head start. I understand Google relevancy! I also know how to get customers to your business! No customers, no sales.

Business Intelligence

I coined the industry term Living Data which means using your business data in real time to make laser focused business decisions.
Stop guessing.

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