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Want to learn how to set up a fashion business that succeeds?

Thought leader, entrepreneur, business owner, investor and business coach.

Let’s cut through the bullshit*.
If you are looking for someone to hold your hand and make you feel good about struggling to grow your business, you are in the wrong place! If you need someone to work with and explore new ideas and concepts to achieve substantial changes and growth you are in the right place!

*Yes, I am allowed to use that word. I am a grown-up and a boss.

Ray Noppe

Hi, I'm Ray Noppé

In 2008 I lost everything and ended up with over a £170 000 in legal debt, slept on a friends floor and didn’t have a job. Nine years later and I am a co-founder of one of the fastest growing business intelligence companies with an initial investment of £900k and we are about to raise £20m!

In the last nine years not only did I get myself comfortably back on my feet but I helped several others achieve success.  

Are we right for each other?


You were expecting the usual dribble first about how 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 5 years etc etc etc. I could waste our time with that crap or we can just get straight down to business.

Why am I different?

I didn’t get my knowledge from textbooks and degrees. I learnt it in the trenches.


I have successfully built and sold five businesses. My first at the age of twenty-three.


My day to day roles is that of a CTO and CIO. We are constantly facing the same problems you are facing.


Through the use of my tech skills, helped Europride Ltd go from 40000 garments a week to over a million garments a week.


I’ll Let my LinkedIn account speak for me.


I do all this while still being around for my family. I work smart and not hard!

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What is my key strengths?


I help you see solutions, concepts and patterns where most people see problems. Having built several business processes and systems I have learnt how to look at business management from a different aspect.

Growth Hacking

I know how to combine technology, social and marketing to give your business a head start. I understand Google relevancy! I also know how to get customers to your business! No customers, no sales.

Business Intelligence

I coined the industry term Living Data which means using your business data in real time to make laser focused business decisions.
Stop guessing.

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