Who is Ray Noppe

I develop cutting-edge business intelligence solutions to help solve problems that hinder business growth. My main focus is around living data, a phrase I coined to describe how consumers and businesses should interact with data as well as how data should interact with them.

I am also an active and passionate entrepreneur who advises businesses on choosing the right technical team, software and data flow strategy, and regularly speak at start-up events. I have acted as a business advisor and stand-in CTO for a variety of technology and fashion businesses. I co-founded Fabacus in 2016 with my business partner, Andrew Xeni. I am currently devoting my time pushing the boundaries by introducing machine learning into business intelligence and intelligent merchandising.

I have spent a decade working with some of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers to high street brands including New Look, Topshop, ASDA, Primark, River Island, ASOS, Charlotte Tilbury, Leatherock, and boutique brands like Misfit and Relish. I have personally helped grow Europride Ltd production from 40,000 to more than 400,000 garments a week.

Projects I am currently involved with.

Fabacus Symphony: The world's first and only true business intelligence platform

Fabacus Symphony’s data integration and reporting tool give you increased operational efficiency, agility and profitability, whatever sector or size your business is. As an advanced reporting and API integration tool, it integrates all your software solutions and provides a centralised hub of clean and living data.

Fabacus Symphony site

Why I created Fabacus Symphony

Fabacus Overture: Supply Chain and PLM

Fabacus Overture transforms and manages your entire business process - from design through to garment delivery. Created specifically for apparel suppliers and manufacturers of all sizes, Overture delivers a complete, end-to-end software product to meet all your requirements. It provides a scalable platform for growth via its modular software format that helps you build new business revenue streams for tomorrow.

Fabacus Overture website


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