Be seen with someone famous

A quick trick that will help you become famous faster.

They say in order to look more important you need to take your photo with someone famous. Who better than the Pink legend! It is all about perception People judge you by the circle of people you hang out in. When you attend a function with a person that is one level up or famous,…

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Why starting a business is like a bandwagon in a parade

I was thinking this morning about what is the best way for me to explain to others what the difference is, between a person taking that leap of faith to start a business, those who want to invest, work and support a startup and those who just fall into the worker role. After a bit…

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What it means to be a startup

The truth about what it means to be a startup

A startup! An amazing new buzzword for what is nothing more than a new business. Oh, I know there are posts about; you have to be fast paced and grow by 5% plus a month etc. Wake up! You are still just a new business, not some fairy tale business running in Lala land. All…

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Startup gone wrong

How can a startup with a great idea get it so wrong?

The importance of being transparent and honest in business crucial. Even more so in the startup arena. I just came across an article posted by business insider regarding the deceiving tactics used by a new startup called Clozer. Clozer is supposed to enable other startups and small businesses to outsource to specialist sales people. A…

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Choosing the right business name and website address

Choosing the right business name is very important. I so often get given a business card and a few weeks later I have forgotten the person who has given it to me along with what they have to offer.  The chances of me looking up the details on the card is nil. Unless you have…

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Why are you living? What is your WHY?

Now WHY is not why did this happen, it is WHY am I doing what I am doing.  It is very important to establish your WHY. By this I mean why are you in business or doing what your are doing everyday. What is reasons you get out of bed for? If you are answering…

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Importance of having processes in place

One of the worst things for any entrepreneur or small business man is down time. Get sick and you stop earning money. I used to dread getting sick as it used to cost me a lot in lost revenue followed by over stressed weeks trying to catch up. This time around when I got sick…

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