How to start a fashion business that succeeds

Starting a new business is hard work. Especially in the fashion world. Add in manufacturing, wholesale and direct sales and it becomes a nightmare.

I have joined forces with Fabacus, Lifa Communications, Otito, and several Fashion councils. We are putting together the world's first comprehensive course on how to set up the right way so you can make a success of your fashion start-up. We will share secrets that most successful brands know and use daily to make millions. We have learnt these techniques and secrets the last ten years helping fashion businesses grow. 

How to start a fashion business

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Here's What You'll Learn

The basics

  • Is this really your passion? Do you have the skills needed? Do you need a team?
  • What are you selling and do people want to buy it. How to find out using online tools?
  • How are you funding this? Creating your business plan.
  • Where will you be selling? Markets, online, instore or wholesale?

Get hustling

  • Setting up your teaser campaign.
  • Who is your competitors, what can we learn from them? How to utilise them and their followers.
  • Who is your target market. Learn to create customer profiles that will guarantee engagement.
  • Build your Instagram and how to get targeted followers.
  • Into the sales funnel!

Laying your foundation

  • Get your foundation right! If you don't you will fail. Systems: Overture, range room
  • Are you ethical and transparent? Registering on OTITO
  • Keep IT lean! You don't need that big showroom.

Gear up for the big push

  • What the story? Get your pitch right.
  • The 80/20 rule.
  • Smoke and mirrors. Your first samples. Are they good enough? How to find out.
  • Photography: People like beautiful things
  • Set-up your website and blog. What platform is right for you? Setup Google tools. How and what to blog. Blogging made easy.
  • Create your online store.

Online marketing

  • Setting up Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook, Stumble and Linkedin. How to make a success of each one.
  • Understanding Google. It's all about relevancy.
  • Adwords. Do it wrong and you pay through your nose.
  • Creating of joining a content network.
  • Joining organisations and networks.

Back on earth

  • Physical networking
  • PR is not dead. Put it to good use. Let them build up your credibility. Why do you need credibility
  • Partnering
  • Getting in front of buyers.
  • Stepping up manufacturing. Getting it made in volume. Finding the right partner.
  • Going forward

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