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Why Tech coaching?

Bring out the best in you and your team

I help Tech CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Directors, Senior Developers and Business Owners break through boundaries and perceived limitations in order to achieve new levels of success.

Having been an entrepreneur and working at executive level for more than a decade I have a deep understanding of business, technology, marketing, growth hacking and sales processes spanning several industries. This experience helps me help you achieve your goals as a business or individual.



Talk about having your mind blown. I have had all these ideas floating around but never been able to get them out and implemented. Ray got them out in the first session! He then helped me turn them into goals and achieve them.
— Craig Pender: Serial Entrepreneur
Ray coached me during the start-up years of my curated online designer jewellery boutique, Apache Rose London. He gave consistent solid advice as to how to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to my site. Together we set up a social media strategy and google marketing campaign which helped growth significantly. Ray was a fantastic sounding board for new ideas and always had sound advice and constructive feedback to offer.
— Anna Burke: Apache Rose London
When I met Ray I couldn’t even find work as a junior developer. A few years later and I have progressed to a senior level developer looking after some of the largest manufacturers in the fashion industry. I learnt how to manage my personal growth, achieve goals as well as manage teams. We are currently working on my next evolution to become a Chief Technical Officer.
— David Andreu: Group Senior Developer, Fabacus, Europride Ltd.
If you want to grow your business speak to Ray. If you are looking for someone to coddle you and agree with your existing bull****, this is not the guy. Ray will make you see new ideas and opportunities where you aren’t even looking and then make sure you actually do it.
— Steve Masters: HMO Property Developer



I am all about results. I have built and launched several solutions for clients as well as my own businesses. Had great successes and failed a few times. My methods are based on hours of research and implementing on my own Ventures as well as my clients. Everything I coach and teach is tried and tested. If you are not happy with what I have to offer I will refund you with no questions asked.


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To help people achieve greatness through teaching, coaching and developing amazing solutions that help make the world a better place along the way. I want to do this while spending as much time as I can with my family and ensure that my loved ones never want for anything.