5 quick tips that will free up valuable time


1. Get up earlier. 

No seriously get out of bed earlier. It is not that hard at all.

2. Cut down on social media and web surfing.

Stop reading random trash posted by idiots. Ask anyone on Facebook or Twitter what interesting piece of information they just read and nine times out of ten they say nothing, and it’s so droll. They are on it. 

If you have to have, your social fix does it once a day to promote yourself and learn to skim read and before you know it you will ignore the trash and only read the quality and be done in under ten minutes. 

3. Learn to use your email correctly

Surveys have shown that people check their email up to 30 times in an hour! Unless you work in an support centre offering email support 98% of inbound email is NOT urgent, and you don’t have to check your mail every time the new mail notification chimes. 

Also, you don’t have to reply this instant to every email; none essential replies can be made on the way home or in front of the telly. 

4. Plan. Plan. Plan.

Did I mention plan? Knowing what you need to do in your life is crucial. Learn to distinguish what is essential and what can wait. Then delegate as much as you can, don’t try and do it all yourself.

5. Don’t take on more than you can handle

One of those duh statements, yet a majority of people in the world take on to much. Including me at times.

Most common reasons for this: 
They are too scared to ask for help. 
They think they alone can do the work – lack of trust.
They are too scared to say no, this often is the case with small business owners who think that they will lose the client if they say no. 

Don't be a money chaser; this will cause you to say yes to every contract you can find, and before you know it you are overbooked and can't get anything done.

Know your strengths and the speed you work at and book work in accordingly.

Just making these small changes in my day have freed up time I can now spend working on my future business and most importantly I got back quality time to spend with my loved ones.

Ray Noppe