9 Daily routines that will help make you successful


Coming up with the right way to manage your day is a subject covered by a lot of productivity experts which usually entails making lists, lists of lists, setting goals, using software that uses GTD methods, Gantt charts, meetings and even meetings about meetings. 

Old school. 

Hold on before you pull out the soapbox and start ranting I am not saying that they are wrong they just forgot to take into account that we are humans with emotions and a need to grow.

Below I will introduce you to a different way of living your day, in fact, if you had to sit down with any of the most successful people in the world you will see a similar daily routine. 

Below is an example day, you have to personalise it to suit yourself and your time frame.

Before we get started, I have to make it clear that if your day is not balanced, you will not feel fulfilled and it will affect your life. It is also essential to get enough sleep and eat as healthy as possible.  Also keep a notebook/dictaphone with at all times for when those great ideas pop into your head, record them. 

1. Spend some time with yourself and visualise your future

Spending time with yourself is very important. This time is your time to visualise your future and what you want to achieve. Let your dreams fly.  I find that mornings work the best for this. You don't even have to get out of bed to do this. 

It often helps to meditate and clear all the thousands of thoughts flying around in your head before you start visualising. 

Don't forget to record any new ideas that come to mind.

2. Get active

If there is one thing that gets you going in the morning is a bit of physical activity. It could mean a run,  gym or even just walk to work. If you have young kids, you are most likely getting active without trying. 

3. Family time

Make time for your loved ones. If possible do it twice a day, in the morning and the evening. You will be surprised at how it clears your mind and refocuses you on what is important.

4. Learn something

Make it a habit to learn something new every day. If you drive to work, listen to audio books. Don't worry too much about trying to remember what you heard; the knowledge has sunken into your subconscious. 

Commuting to work by train or bus? 
Read books, or you can also listen to audiobooks. You can use apps like Pocket to save blog posts and articles offline that you can then read on your commute.  I find this is also a great time to write some content for my blog or prepare some social media to send later. 

5. Review, Plan and delegate

Let me get one thing straight if you are planning what to do on the actual day you have lost the race, pack up and go home. Make a point of planning your next day's tasks before you finish up for the day.  

Learn to skim read through your emails and only look for urgent issues that have to be added to today’s list and add or delegate them to the appropriate people. What you don’t want to do here is micromanage you should have people or processes in place for the little things. Don't have a team? Look at getting a virtual PA to help you. 

If you work in a manufacturing business you have to plan around your critical path/flight check/production schedule, use your calendar to supplement the above. If it is a decent management platform, the delegation will already be allocated to departments or people.

6. Work smart and not hard

Research has shown that the average person can only hold concentration for around 45mins that means you can be productive for approximately 45 to 50 minutes. 

So you have to break your workload into blocks of 45mins and 15mins. I do 50mins / 10mins and so do most of my team. We work for 50 mins and then break for 10mins as a rule. 

What do you do in the 10mins? Whatever you want, I encourage my team to at least spend 30mins (3 breaks) on self-improvement. I usually split my 10 min breaks working on my next blog post, researching or writing networking emails. 

Yeah, right I hear the old slave masters say you are losing work time. 


I have noticed a significant increase in the productivity of my team. Lunchtimes are almost none existent, most staff now bring lunch or goes and gets a meal comes back and carry on working. 

The biggest change?

Hometime, before we implemented this rule at 5.31pm the office was empty now we almost have to kick them out as they always just want to finish something quickly. Oh, and I can’t remember when last I had to chase someone to complete a project.

Implement the headphone rule. In our office, we have a golden rule. If a developer has his headphone on, he or she is not to be disturbed. 

7. Promote yourself

Make time every day to post something useful on the social media network where your potential client's hangout. It is vital to continually promote yourself, not just as a business but as a person. Things happen in life, and if you have built up an excellent reputation, you will recover much faster as there will be a lot of people to help. In my experience people who are out there flaunting it always do well. 

7. Downtime

Take time out to do something outside of work that you enjoy. Even if it is just for half an hour, there is an inner child in all of us, and if we don't let them out they start to sulk, and this leads to you becoming depressed. 

8. Before sleep, ask your subconscious to help

Reread your core statement; this will help cement it in place. If you are battling with an issue ask yourself: "How do I..." and you will be surprised at how quickly a solution will come.

9. Be grateful

All day long. It is the foundation that everything else gets built upon. Being grateful reminds you of the positive things you have in your life and this, in turn, helps you stay motivated to get more of what you want. 

Ray Noppe