Always look to the future in every decision you make.


Always look to the future in every decision you make.

How will a decision affect what you want to achieve in your future?

If it changes it positively, it is a right decision.

Don't compromise and think that you can course correct later. That won't happen. Sometimes the choices are hard, and we tend always to want to take the easy option, this is human nature. We need to continually remind ourselves of why we are doing what we are doing and how every decision affects the outcome. Yes, even when you are living the life you want you will still get hard choices to make, shit happens. If you remember to keep to your life's path, you will get through it with your head up high.

Also important. Never look back. What has happened has happened. Learn from it and apply your new knowledge to your plans then file it under not necessary anymore. A monk is saying: To pour more water into a glass when it is full you have to drain some of the old water out first. Let go of the past it is preventing you looking to your future.

Have a prosperous Tuesday.

Ray Noppe