Count to a hundred to get things done faster


Increase your concentration to increase your productivity.

Concentration is one of your best tools when it comes to getting things done. Yet 99% of people telling you how to get things done always over look this.

Research has shown that on average you can’t concentrate past 45 minutes.


Can you concentrate for 45 minutes?

Unless you work on it the answer is no, I would make a safe guess and say 5 to 10 minutes tops.


Can you keep a train of thought while in an environment with a lot of chatter?

When the gossip flies your concentration goes and I bet you are in there giving it large.


So how do I increase my concentration?

Learn to count to a hundred.


It’s easy, once a day find a comfortable spot, preferably before you go to work. Close your eyes and breath in through your nose and exhale via your nose. You want to take deep breathes activating your diaphragm.


Start counting every time you inhale. Your target is to count to a hundred. If you lose track of your count start again at one.  Keep breathing and counting, again  if you lose track start again from one. Count and breathe till you lose track. In other words repeat three times. Every day write down the highest number you remember getting into.


When you are counting and thoughts pop into your head just let them run their course, don’t try to dismiss them or suppress them. By just letting them run their course without focusing on them you will soon be able to keep count all the way to a hundred.


Keep at.  The more you do it the easier it will become and you will soon see a difference in your production.

MindsetRay Noppe