Life is a journey full of twists and turns. Learn to enjoy the ride.


Any goal whether business or personal is a journey. The bigger the , the longer the trip.

The majority of people give up on the journey. 

  • It is too far. 
  • It is too hard. 
  • I'm too tired. 
  • I took a wrong turn.  
  • Don't know how to get there. 
  • The bullshit excuses are never-ending.

What they miss is the fact that shit happens on any journey. How you choose to react to it, is what influences your experience and whether you complete the journey. 

Take a wrong turn and instead of bitching about it look around. You will be surprised at what you find. A few years back one of my developers went off and worked for weeks on a significant area of a new system we were building. Once he completed his work, he presented to the PM. Bloody hell. World war three just kicked off. By the time I got to the office, the PM was talking to HR to fire the developer for not listening and wasting time and money. He started having a rant at me. Told him to zip it. 

Sat with the developer and instead of looking for what was not there I looked at what he built. Wow. What he did was terrific. He developed the functions in brief. Then he created all the next stages. Why? He said that he enjoyed building the service and wanted to see it work, so he made the rest of the system to test it all. Him enjoying the journey saved us a lot of time and money and netted him a neat bonus. 

I have my vision of what my life should look like, and I am always working towards it. There has been several twists and turns along the way even a few breakdowns. I got through them by focusing on the parts that I had to be grateful for and continuously readjusting my course to stay on track.

Ray Noppe