Start your day strong for a successful life


Start your day strong for a successful life. Beginning the day strong is one of the most important rules you can apply to your path to success. The old folk believed that the most important meal is breakfast as it sets you up for the day. Guess what! It doesn't just apply to breakfast.

Meet Sally and Karen they both started work together for the same company and have the same role.

Sally starts work at 9 am. It takes her 45mins to get to the office using via train which means she needs to leave for work around 8.15am. Sally gets up at 7.30am, checks email, rushes into the shower, gets dressed, puts on make-up all the while worrying about an e-mail she read from her manager. At the last minute, she runs out the door. She gets on a packed train and gets pushed to and fro while trying to write a knee-jerk response to her boss. The frustration builds. She then dashes to the coffee shop. Sally buys a coffee and a supposedly healthy muffin. Gets to her desk just in time for 9 am. The whole day Sally feels rushed and overwhelmed. She gets stressed easily. She can't wait for 5.30pm so she can rush home to watch some crappy soap and have a glass of wine because she deserves it. On Wednesdays and Fridays, it's drinking with colleagues straight after work where all they do is complain about work and that she has to catch up on work over the weekend. Sally is in her mind very busy and doesn't have time for fitness or self-improvement.

Karen also starts work at 9 am, and it also takes her around 45mins to get to the office. Karen doesn't get up at 7.30 she wakes up at 5.30am. She gets up and takes a few mins to focus on the great things in her life, family, friends, her work. She then puts on her fitness clothes and goes to the gym or for a class, a run or for yoga. While she trains, she also lets her mind focus on issues and what she wants to achieve. She gets home around 7.00am, showers and gets dressed. Eats a healthy breakfast while catching up on none work related news or messages from family and friends. She gets to the station for 7.50 am thus beating the mad rush. Finds a seat and reads/listens to a self-improvement book. She gets to the office with time to spare. Scans her e-mail and adds the priorities to her task list in order of importance. Karen deals with her work efficiently as she already has a sense of achievement and her day was 80% planned from the start. At 5.30 she stays longer and plans her following day. Between 6.30pm to 7.00pm Karen leaves work. She gets a seat on the train and reads industry related news or an autobiography of a person she admires. The odd weeknight Karen goes to an industry relevant networking event. On a Friday night, she will join some friends for a drink around 7.30pm and discuss life, music, cinema, restaurants and the joys of the weekend ahead with no work.

Fast forward a year. Sally is talking about looking for another job as she finds her current role tiresome with no room for advancement. Karen got promoted twice and is now Sally's boss.

Fast forward three years. Sally is still talking about looking for another job. Karen has left the company to become a partner in another company and now have 34 people working for her.

Get up earlier and take control of your future!

Ray Noppe