You can’t have it all… or can you?

”You can’t have it all. Where would you put it?”– Steven Wright, Comedian

They say that many a true word is spoken in jest. Boy is that true when it comes to the above quote. Every single person I know who wants everything has nothing, and you can bet your life they are complaining about the fact.

What about those wealthy people who have everything? If you are coming from a place of lack, it does undoubtedly look like they have everything. 


They don’t have everything they have what they specifically want. 


I’ll explain.

Imagine life being a parent to a little child (you). Now imagine that the little child continually wants everything it sees. 

I want, I want. 

Lets call this shallow wants. Ask any parent, and they will soon tell you that as a parent you start ignoring the constant wants and give the child what you think the child needs. 

Life, however, is not as kind. It not only ignores the constant shallow wants but starts ignoring your needs as well.

So what now? 

Simple. Start deciding what you want. Image the same parent/child scenario, but now the child wants a bicycle. All the child speaks of is the bicycle they want to parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, in fact, the child doesn’t hold back. In a short time, everyone knows that the child wants a bicycle. Guess what the child gets soon enough. 

Yup a bicycle.

Life is the same. Once you have explicitly decided what you want and focus on it, you will get it. It might come quick, or it might take a while, but it will happen. 

I have personally found the more dedicated I am towards a want, the quicker and easier it comes and before you know it you will have everything you truly want, and you will have plenty of space left to add more.

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