How To Easily Develop Modern Javascript Web Apps On Any Android Device


Web app development on an Android device with TERMUX…

No need to invest in expensive desktops or laptops to develop modern websites and web apps with Javascript, NodeJS or LAMP, this book will show you how to use Termux to turn any Android device running version 7 up into a powerful development tool. Whether you are new to development or a veteran looking to be able to develop when out and about this course will get you up and running.

Develop anywhere, any time using Termux, you will turn your Android device into a development server you can take with you anywhere.

You will learn the following:

  • How to install Termux correctly

  • How to work with the terminal (command prompt); Create and manage folders and files in a Unix/Linux like environment

  • Edit files in Terminal using Vim

  • Install and run BLACKICEcoder a full-blown code editor based on Visual Studio code

  • Install and setup Apache web server

  • Install PHP and run as a stand-alone server or as a module of Apache

  • Install MariaDB (MySQL) and create databases, tables and insert records

  • Use MariaDB with PHP

  • Install PostgreSQL and use it with Node

  • Install SQLite and use it with Node

  • Install NeDB (Mongo clone) and use it with Node

  • Install Node JS and configure it

  • Fix the problems with Node-Gyp not running on Termux

  • Install Node-Sass

  • Build a REST API server that uses GET, POST, PUT and DELETE with Javascript, Node and Express and how to connect it to NeDB, PostgreSQL and MariaDB

  • Install and setup OpenSSH and create public keys

  • Version control with Git and private keys

  • Install and runAngular 7

  • Install SB-Admin-BS4-Angular a fully working Angular 7 template with logins, Auth example, forms, charts and components

  • Install and run React JS

  • Install CoreUI a fully functioning React JS template with forms, charts and components

  • Turn your Android device into a mini server and connect to it via SSH and the internal network.