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Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching

I am a certified Intelligent Leadership Executive coach. 

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching is an in-depth review of the inner-core and outer-core elements, leading indicators for successes and gaps, stakeholder involvement, and the development and execution of goals.

The John Mattone's Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching approach blends in-depth diagnostic assessments that recognize a leader’s "inner-core" values, character, beliefs, emotional make-up and behavioural tendencies (both mature and derailer traits) with "outer-core" assessments such as 360-Degree surveys and leadership interviews which reveal how effectively the executive executes the "outer-core" skills and competencies required for success. 



intelligent leadership executive coaching process

4 Powerful Phases and 7 Game-Changing Pillars

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching allows me to work closely with the executive coachee and sponsoring team to create an individual development plan that leverages the coachee's enduring strengths and addresses their development needs with a passionate focus on achieving measurable behavioural change and improvement.


About John Mattone, executive coach

John Mattone is the world's #1 authority on Intelligent Leadership and the creator of the Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Process and Certification (ICF accredited). globalgurus.org  recognised John as the world's #2 ranked executive coach. He is the former executive coach to the late Steve Jobs and the former legendary CEO of PepsiCo, Roger Enrico. John Mattone is now one of the most in-demand C-level coaches in the world. For more information please visit the John Mattone website.