Business Tech Foundation Coaching

For you as a Business, Board member, C-Level or Senior Manager

I work with you to help you understand and deal with technology.

  • Use tech to innovate and keep ahead of the pack

  • Use tech to increase your bottom line

  • Using the right tech for your needs?

  • Will it be compatible with your other vendors?

  • Is your tech scalable to suit your growth?

  • Is the right management team and processes in place to for your project?

  • How to deal with techies

  • Help to build the initial prototype ready for investment

For you the senior / lead developer

  • How to understand the expectations from the client / senior management team?

  • How to manage these expectations and give appropriate feedback

  • How to communicate the expectations to the teams

  • How to manage your and your team's time efficiently

  • Teach you management skills to run teams and projects

For you the developer

  • Are you in the right tech to suit your development style?

  • Business skills to help you improve the way you develop

  • How to communicate with your clients

  • Improve your levels and get that better contracts

  • How to promote yourself and get more clients

Business Growth Coaching

I work with you or your team to help you understand growth hacking (content marketing, social media, online marketing) and how it will help you increase lead generation, boost your social media presence and increase sales. 


Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching is an in-depth review of the inner-core and outer-core elements, leading indicators for successes and gaps, stakeholder involvement, and the development and execution of goals.